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Art week!

Hello everyone.

Our first few weeks back have been busy.

In our first week together we had Art week. We decided to look at a painting by a man called John Banovich who is an American oil painter known for his paintings of wildlife. By looking at the painting ‘The Twins’ we were able to imitate his style using our own paints.

Once we had completed that it was time to innovate and use as many different mediums of art as we could think of including chalk and charcoal! You can see in our photos how much fun we had.

To show how much we learnt, we decided to invent another of John Banovich’s paintings. This time however, we used our favourite medium. I must say they look amazing!


This week we have been learning the story Giraffes can’t dance, a wishing tale about poor Gerald the giraffe. We have spent all week learning the story and putting actions to the words. We are so good we even included extra voices and expressions!

In Science we went on a Butterfly hunt to see camouflage in action around us! We found it really tricky to find some of the better camouflaged ones.


Thanks for reading.

The Year 1 team.